Feldenkrais in Atlanta

The Feldenkrais Method® uses mindful movement to increase your physical intelligence.   Feldenkrais® puts you in touch with your body in a brand new way, so that can you move freely and effectively.

Marathon runner, pain-free with Feldenkrais!

Do You Feel Like:

  • You live with pain, injury, or dysfunction that just won’t get better no matter what you do?
  • You can’t improve at a sport or exercise, even with coaching?
  • Routine activities that used to be easy have become physically challenging or even impossible?

Try Something Truly Different!

Using Feldenkrais (pronounced fel´-den-krice), we help you move well and feel well. Grounded in the science of neuroplasticity, the Method is a process of self-exploration, where you discover how to function optimally.

When you move in harmony with your own unique structure, aches and pains disappear, your posture, breathing, and balance improve, and you spontaneously perform your activities better and more enjoyably.

You make quick progress, and the results last!

Two Ways To Learn

  1. Private lessons: These are hour-long, one-on-one sessions with Sandi Goldring. We highly recommend private lessons for addressing painful limitations due to injury or a medical condition, as well as overcoming performance plateaus in sports and other activities.
  2. Group lessons: These are hour-long, online movement classes that enhance your body awareness and functional skills.  Our online classes are special!   Other online lessons are merely recordings that leave you to your own devices.  But  we run a real-time classroom with instructor supervision that keeps you on track to success!

Next Steps:

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