My IT Band / lateral knee pain had been bothering me for about 4.5 weeks, and I had not had any relief from painkillers, stretching, massage, ice, ultrasound or rest. In fact the massage, while not really hurting that much in the process, hurt my knee more for days following. For over a month, this pain had not decreased at all, and bothered me not only during walking, but it even woke me up at night when I wasn’t even doing anything to irritate it.

After much frustration and disappointment with my initial treatment, I went to see Sandi Goldring (PT/Feldenkrais Practitioner) for a different approach. Sandi’s methods focus on movement reeducation.

“AMAZINGLY, after just one session, I was FREE of my lateral knee pain!

“Sandi recognized, that there were imbalances in my hip muscles and elsewhere. One of the major differences between Sandi’s techniques and the other “strengthening” program I was given is that he focused on helping me realize different ways to move that I wasn’t aware of before because of subconscious avoidance or social training (like women always keeping their knees together).

“I have finally returned to biking and running pain-free!

“I highly recommend Sandi’s approach to others struggling with this and other nagging pains, and I can’t believe how quickly my body has responded to this after it resisted other treatments for so long. I have already learned a lot about the connections in my body which will definitely help me in the future!”

Jennifer Plourde-Pahl
Atlanta, GA
Boston Marathon Runner

“I met Sandi Goldring many years ago when an Orthopedic M.D. referred him to help me with an injured shoulder.

I was amazed after only a few sessions with the amount of knowledge Sandi had about the body and what it takes to heal an injury. With his background as a physical therapist, massage therapist and Feldenkrais practitioner, he was able to not only minimize the pain and heal my shoulder, but he offered a lot of education on how to move in ways and patterns that would prevent future injuries.

This movement awareness was a tremendous help with lifting heavy sculptures in my weekly art classes!

Sandi’s ability to combine the three modalities listed above makes him unique in that he is able to address physical injuries in ways that most practitioners simply lack the three dimensional perspective and knowledge to do. Whenever I have a pulled muscle or injury I know that Sandi is there to help me. I would highly recommend him to anyone for his signature hands on approach to healing.”

Marjorie Osheroff
Oncology Social Worker, Sculptor
Alpharetta, GA


“I was born with cerebral palsy. By age twelve, though I had tried many times to learn how to ride a bike, I still fell within a few seconds. That’s when I met Sandi Goldring.

“After only three lessons in two weeks, I rode my first mile.

“Four years later, I cycled across the country to raise funds for charity.

“Cycling laid the foundation for my success in living as an able-bodied individual. Sandi’s profound understanding and implementation of The Feldenkrais Method has had an astounding positive effect on my health and well-being!”

Stanton Swanson
Atlanta, GA
Occupational Therapist

I came to Sandi with low-mid-back pain and instability (product of childhood injuries and and long-term spinal degeneration) that was seriously impacting my life”and mental outlook”on many levels. Over several months, thanks to Sandi’s work, I experienced a big increase in stability and a big decrease in pain and discomfort.

Sandi’s a miracle worker, but in a different sense than we’re used to thinking about how true and enduring pain relief and improvement unfolds. It’s not about him “fixing” you, which, as we all know, if it does happen, it’s usually fleeting, and requires us to return again and again, for our next “fix.”

That said, thanks to his mastery of body mechanics, he can provide relief for most any structural crises you might be experiencing.

Rather, it’s about him giving you the “tools”” through exercises and body movement to do your own intervention whenever needed, and retrain your body in new ways of moving, and avoid those movements that created your issues to begin with.

Sure, I still have my “no-fun” days (how many treatments DO provide full and permanent relief?), but no question, I’m in a far, far better place than I was six months ago, and that’s improved my outlook immeasurably. Thanks, Sandi!

Peter Bowerman
Atlanta, GA


“I was diagnosed at the age of eight with CMT type II, which affects muscle growth and mobility. I was told I would be in a wheel chair by the age of 10. I worked hard in rehab to not let that happen; but by age twelve, I needed orthoses to help me keep my balance when standing.

“My calf muscles had atrophied to the diameter of piano legs. Walking had become very strenuous, and my back was beginning to hurt.

“Sandi was highly recommended to me by my neurologist. Seeing Sandi helped me in many ways. Basically, I learned how to walk again! He taught me how to use a portable muscle stimulator (e-stim) in a way that helped me regain control over my legs while I rebuilt my muscles.

“He taught me to experience how my body works by becoming aware of what feels good and easy to do.

“When my bones lined up well, I felt excellent.

“After a few months of working with him, I was able to function without braces or e-stim. I am now in my twenties and doing great! Beacuse of Sandi’s hard work and his wonderful gift, I can live my life as a normal young woman.”

Deanna Renée
Lakeland, FL
Public Health Administrator

I had severe sciolosis all my life.  I had been able to hike and swim, with few  limitations.  I hiked in Alaska,  Switzerland, France, Grand Teton, Grand Canyon, North Carolina & South carolina & Georgia.  I Loved Hiking.  I also swam a mile a day 5 days a week.

In my  60’s, my curvature had become so severe that I had to have surgery to prevent my ribs from compressing my lungs.  Needless to say, I could no longer swim or hike. After surgery,I had stainless steel rods from T-4 to bottom of sacrum S-2, along with lots of other hardware. My posture was good, but walking was precarious and exhausting.  When I got into a swimming pool, my legs sank like a stone.  After monthst of post-surgery physical therapy, I simply was not doing well.

A professional acquaintance suggested that Sandi Goldring might be able to help me.  That turned out to be great advice!  For me, Sandi is a master of knowing how to help people.

As my case did not fit the “norm or near it “, he had come to up with non-conventional ways to work me.  His work was gentle, and over the next few months, I had regained my balance and confidence.

By the next summer, I was hiking once again, and I could also swim as much and as well as I ever had.  Over all, I could move better and my body felt more alive.

If you need physical therapy, I recommend you start with Sandi.

Susan Lennox
Atlanta, GA

Donna Waddell -- Niagara Falls Marathon

I had been in some degree of pain in my right hip for about 11 months when I first came to Sandi Goldring. I had two sessions with him prior to my Saturday morning long run. He said that I would run faster, feel lighter on my feet and run without pain.

“In my head I said, ‘Yeah, right, in my dreams!’

But, I did not argue with him because I certainly wanted him to be right!

I went out for my run and ended up running the last 7 miles alone. I kept coming across other training club members running toward me at one place or another. Later when we were having an “after run” cup of coffee, several people said they saw me running.

“Without exception they commented on my form and how fast I was running.

“As fate would have it my Garmin was dead so I had not been monitoring my pace, but I ran 12.5 miles in about 2.5 hours. So, that averages about a 12 minute mile pace (mmp) including the stops for traffic lights and the ‘hills of Buckhead.’ Before seeing Sandi, I was running about a 15 mmp.

“A year ago I asked my primary care physician to check me for leg length discrepancy, and she blew me off, saying that after all these years I had adapted to it if I had one.

“She was only considering the skeletal leg length discrepancy, not a functional one. Somewhere inside I knew this was my problem, but no one had really listened to me until Sandi worked with me.

“I not only feel better physically and run faster, but I also feel validated that I did, indeed, know what was going on with my body. I’m glad I persisted until I found a practitioner who would listen.”

Donna Waddell
Canton, GA
Marathon Runner

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